The “S”heet WORD!


As you have visited our happy little site here, you may have noticed that there are virtually NO sheet cakes pictured. In fact, this is the ONLY page on our site that will have them. There is a reason for this!

We are custom made to order bakery. We want your event to be even MORE special because of the cake you get from us!

Nobody gets excited about sheet cakes .. (aside from those who get excited for ALL cake… we appreciate you too (you know who you are)).

Think about it….

What reaction would you rather have. “oh .. look .. there’s a cake” or “HOLY CRAP! THAT’S A CAKE??? EVERYONE … COME LOOK AT THIS CAKE!!!

See what we’re getting at here? We want to help you WOW your guests, not just feed your guests.

All this being said, we DO understand that sometimes your event lends itself to easily accessed cake. Something that doesn’t need to be disassembled … Something where people can come up and serve themselves.

For these occasions, We’d LOVE to recommend that you look into our vast array of incredible gourmet cupcakes. At the very least, your guests will rave about the awesome flavors and beautiful decoration. Visit our Cupcakes for Days page to check into this.




Still here?




Crap ….




How about now?




You ARE a persistent one aren’t you!




OK .. we get it … you REALLY want a “S”heet cake. We did our best.. so .. here goes …

We CAN do sheet cakes, HOWEVER, please understand, that as a custom made to order bakery, our sheet cakes will have that PM Touch.

They will taste better than any sheet cake in the area. Our icing amped up with our imported Dominican Republic vanilla, our fantastic cake recipes.

In addition to the flavors, We go beyond a traditional boring seashell border and plastic accents on top of the cake. We will use customizable edible images, fondant accents, multi colored borders and so on to make this a PM Cake!

As this is the case .. based on the cost of our ingredients and the extra time involved in making such a cake, Please do not expect a $15 Half sheet cake like what you get at the local grocery store.

Our sheet cakes WILL cost more than the big box stores, but once you receive your cake, you will know that the added expense was well worth it and your guests will thank you!!